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Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021
The lower tourist arrivals in 2020 caused by the health crisis have reduced the demand for tourist accommodations, producing a decrease in overnight stays in hotels and tourist vacation homes.

Tourists and travelers prefer accommodation options that guarantee them greater isolation and the most demanding hygiene measures, and in this new context, glamping has become one of the best alternatives

In recent years there has been a trend that has been gaining strength to become attractive to many guests and a great business opportunity for owners of vacation rentals or any entrepreneurial person.

What is “glamping”?

Glamping” or “luxury camping” is a word that comes from the words “glamour” and “camping”, and is nothing more than the sum of classic camping and luxury tourism. Imagine the privilege of being in the middle of nature, the silence and total rest that it provides, with the comfort of a luxury hotel; big beds, plasma TVs, a fully equipped kitchen with electric oven, bathtubs, and saunas, air conditioning. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? As a business, it sounds even better.

Types of accommodation within the “glamping”

The possible types of accommodation are many and are usually related to the geographical characteristics of the area or traditions. The types of vacation rentals can be very diverse. Here are some of them:

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021


The yurt is one of the most popular types of accommodation with “glamping”, and consists of circular tents with beams and fabric walls that originate in Mongolia.

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Teepees and tents Teepees are the traditional Native American stores, whose modern version is built from cotton cloth and wooden beams. Its triangular shape is what gives rise to the tents used for more elaborate campsites, whose attachment is not only based on beams but also ropes (also known as safari tents).

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Wagons Adapted train cars can also be a very original option for glamping.

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Tiny houses It is the most ecological option, since they are designed to take the minimum space from the natural landscape and minimize resources while polluting less. In addition, they are built with ecological materials.

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Treehouses and cabins There is not much mystery; it is a wooden cabin that is usually built taking advantage of the architecture of the tree, or near it.

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Caves Many “glamping” accommodations are located in caves under the ground

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Bubbles and dome houses A bubble is a panoramic roof installation to enjoy the starry sky, sunsets and sunrises, in the solitude of nature.

Glamping will continue to triumph in 2021

Caravans Glamping” caravans are a good way to isolate yourself in the countryside without leaving the comfort zone that a proper door implies.

Why are you interested in starting a glamping business?

The Family Break Finder website conducted a survey of 1,400 of its users, and 50% said they planned to stay and tour the most rural part of their country. Nothing more and nothing less than the third of the total of those users declared that they wanted to try the glamping.

As this trend will continue to grow and, in addition, almost all European countries offer a multitude of possibilities to exploit in this type of sector and with this type of accommodation, you can not miss this opportunity.

These are some of the reasons why owning a “glamping” is a good idea.

Welcome a new type of guest

For many owners, glamping has already been one of the most fruitful businesses of their lives, as it opens the door to a whole new group of guests; those who have never been (and will never be) camping, but who want to enjoy nature. And, of course, those who want to experience a luxury vacation.

Glamping” is for all those who hate sleeping bags, mosquitoes, and the cold weather, but also for those who want immediate contact with nature (without having to pitch a tent). This type of accommodation provides privacy, privileged access to nature, and luxury within the reach of many pockets; this is why it is so successful among guests, making them consider outdoor accommodation even though they have never done it before. Because camping is not for everyone, but glamping is. It can be attractive for families (there are already many accommodations of this type exclusively for families), for groups of friends (for example, in music festival areas), for couples (many are choosing this option for their honeymoon), etc.

It covers luxury and ecological tourism

Both luxury and ecological tourism are trends with more and more followers; imagine the attraction of something like glamping, which fuses the best of each. Outdoor accommodation is related to nature but, in addition, there are many options that, for example, use solar or wind energy.

But don’t think that having a nice piece of land is enough; the guest has very high expectations regarding this type of stay.

Many owners, in addition to providing the most basic elements and also some of the most exclusive, often provide guests with a welcome pack a little more suitable; picnic baskets or discounts to do some activity in the area.

It is perfect to sell an experience

When promoting a vacation rental, it is very important to sell the experience that staying in a property would mean. When you are the owner of a “glamping”, this is tremendously easy. Starting from the fact that glamping is an experience in itself, the only thing you have to do is make your property have personality, find something that differentiates you from the competition. Think about how your future guests can enjoy more of the nature in your area; maybe the best thing is a tree house, or a bubble from which you can see the starry sky.

Many vacation rentals also offer additional experiences, such as massages, yoga classes, a rustic breakfast that climbs up to the tree house with a basket, excursions to lakes where you can bathe, visits to ecological farms or animal sanctuaries, etc.

Lower investment and higher profits

The theory is great, but how would it affect your economy to get one of these accommodations to rent to tourists? Well, if you have the right location, you can get into this type of business and easily recover the initial investment in a period of time of two years (this is quite spectacular for any business).

Nowadays, “glamping” is considered a profitable business, and it can be managed in the same way as any other type of vacation rental; you can advertise on the same pages, you can have your own website and you can address guests in the same way.

In fact, with the winter ahead of us, now is the best time to start developing a business idea for “glamping”, as it could be ready for the seasons of greatest demand.

Join this trend that unites beauty and comfort and succeed with your glamping accommodation!