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Vær Deg is “The Out of the Box” Lifestyle Magazine.

Vær Deg is a magazine designed to be a helpful guide that provides readers with valuable advice, tips, and actionable information for digital nomads and investors

Vær Deg is a digital nomads lifestyle magazine. You can find information about the best places to work in, practical tips for nomads, how to be a perpetual tourist, countries to retire to, investment trends, passive incomes (cryptocurrencies, commodities, startups), remote work locations, the best countries where to start a business and more.

Vær Deg is “the out of the box” nomad lifestyle magazine.

  • We talk about the countries that offer the most advantages to be installed in them
  • We also do not forget those who want to plan their retirement and are considering moving to another place different from their country of residence.
  • We publish investment trends news, rates, reports and industry data.

How to be a Digital Nomad

There are some entrepreneurs who decide to forget about geographical boundaries.

The Internet and new technologies make it a little easier to manage your business from Madagascar or Thailand. They are the nomads of entrepreneurship.

This is a growing phenomenon, although it is necessary to differentiate between digital nomads in the strict sense and professionals with freedom of movement (the so-called LIM or Location Independent Movement). The latter category would include those entrepreneurs who have the freedom to choose where they want to work (from their home, from coworking spaces, from a hotel) and who may travel for two or three months while working, but who generally have a fixed base for the company.

Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle that is often associated with slow travel, as it does not mean living on vacation, but working while travelling

Why are more and more people choosing this lifestyle?

One of the fundamental reasons why more and more people are inclined to become digital nomads is because we are in a change of era.

We are in a process of change and, the way things are going, whoever does not get aggiorne (or “catch up”) sooner or later is going to be out of the market or at the mercy of those who manage it.

All the solid bases we have known up to now are changing (education, politics, work, communication, etc.) and this is affecting the global level.

We are entering the era of “talents” and “hyper-specialization”, where we will increasingly start paying more for talent than for the job itself, given that thanks to new technologies we can access any professional in the world.

In addition to all this, there are the costs involved in having a classic business compared to an online one, which although it is not free, is much more accessible and offers the possibility of working remotely.

Different types of digital nomads

It is often said that there are three types of digital nomads and here is the simplest possible explanation.


More and more companies hire people to perform specific jobs because it is convenient to hire a professional for a particular job than having to hire one permanently, with the expenses that this implies.

Many times these people have fixed jobs that assure them a stable economic income; a good example of this is usually the community manager who has fixed accounts and enjoys the benefit of working from any place that has internet.

Within this segment there is another group of online workers who perform work on demand and are freelancers who usually have a very active portfolio of clients to cement stable economic bases; many designers opt for this style of nomadism.


More and more professionals are working remotely thanks to new technologies and the truth is that this is where the global market is heading.

These professionals, mostly experts belonging to Generation X (between 34-54 years old, with career and degrees) usually provide their services online thanks to the different tools offered by the digital era.

Training and consulting are usually the most offered services in this area and with (uffa!) we are a clear example of this style of digital nomadism.

In turn, this type of nomads usually has the ability to advise both large companies and small entrepreneurs, having a wide range of clients and generally solid economic bases.


Entrepreneurs are those who, based on their knowledge or ideas, usually create product or service companies by hiring a team of professionals capable of having an effective impact in different areas.

Their work focuses on lobbying, networking and the effective management and organization of their employees or collaborators remotely.

They usually integrate their work teams with the other two styles of digital nomads, as they generally manage very well the technological tools and are proactive.

A company can survive beyond the entrepreneur who creates it, as long as he/she has built solid foundations and a good work team.


Cryptocurrency, also called virtual currency, is digital money. That means there are no physical coins or bills – everything is online.

You can transfer a cryptocurrency to someone on the Internet without an intermediary, such as a bank. The best-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ether, but new cryptocurrencies continue to be created.

People may use cryptocurrencies to make quick payments and to avoid transaction fees. Some people may acquire cryptocurrencies as an investment, hoping that it will increase in value. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased with a credit card or, in some cases, through a process called “mining. Cryptocurrencies are stored in a digital wallet or purse, either online, on your computer, or on other physical media.

Before you buy a cryptocurrency, you should know that it does not have the same protections as when you use U.S. dollars. You also need to know that scammers are asking people to pay you with a crypto-currency because they know that such payments are usually irreversible.

The Best Places to Retire Abroad

Which countries are the most recommended to live in when you retire?
More and more people are taking their suitcases and moving abroad as soon as they stop working. This is because in other countries the cost of living is lower, the climate conditions are more pleasant and the opportunities to get to know the world are more varied
Choosing the right place to enjoy your retirement is a decision that can positively affect your quality of life. Especially if you choose one of the best countries for retirement.

Tech Trends

Technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. Digital trends such as AI engineering, distributed cloud, cybersecurity mesh and hyper-automation are rapidly approaching maturity. This continuous technology innovation will enable the alignment of the physical and digital worlds and create a competitive advantage for some. Are you ready?

Real Estate Investments

So you’ve decided to buy property. Now what?

Find your Property

Firstly, you’ll need to ask yourself some vital preliminary questions: What kind of property are you looking for? 

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Investing in properties

Buying a property can be an immensely lucrative activity if you know the factors that determine the value of the properties. In that sense, the choice of location is very important when investing in real estate. After all, no one wants to put their money into a property that will not be profitable.

Location in real estate investment

It is important to see real estate investment as a business. As in any business, supply and demand will determine the extent of your income. Therefore, the ideal is to offer a product that everyone wants (a high demand) and that is key to understand the importance of location when investing in real estate.

Once you have a property with a location that is perfect for your clients, you have the wind in your sails.

The art of investing in property has a very local nature. Therefore, real estate tastes and preferences will vary according to the area.

While some people choose to live away from their work facilities, shopping malls, and other public places, most prefer the opposite. Remember the principle of supply and demand? Well, as an investor, we should look for the greatest chances of success by choosing to invest where the majority will prefer to live.

This way you can more easily identify the most suitable properties.

It is important that you understand that choosing a home to live in involves an emotional decision. Therefore, people will consider factors such as the beauty of the area when selecting a property.

One of the benefits, or reasons, for investing in real estate is that it is long-lasting. The investment you make will pass on to your children and from them to your grandchildren. It is a stable and permanent investment. It will also generate extra income every month. Having a month-to-month return is something we all obviously like
Real estate represents a fixed return. Investing in real estate is to aim for constant cash flow, and in the medium or long term, it is possible to accumulate significant amounts of money. Best of all, even though it may seem like a large initial investment, it is not always necessary.