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The Nordic style you want for your terrace

The Nordic style you want for your terrace
This decorative trend can be used in any room if we want to convey simplicity, naturalness, beauty, warmth … It is ideal for bringing light and clarity to interior spaces of the home. But why not also use it for our terraces and balconies?

Read on if you want to be inspired with ideas to redecorate your terrace in the purest Nordic style!

Nature, your main ally

Outdoor life and contact with nature is essential for the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. That is why they always integrate natural materials such as wooden floors or other objects into their decoration. Natural materials give a touch of warmth and simplicity to the room, breaking with the linearity of style. A natural element that we can incorporate into our decor can be the wood.

The Nordic style for your decoration will be an advantage if your terrace is not very large, since the use of furniture in the Nordic decor is brief. It is characterized by using designer furniture in clear lines, with little furniture in the room and that all have a very specific and practical use. You can mix furniture of different materials such as wicker, rattan, or cane with modern style furniture. However, they should all follow the same clear and simple line.

In addition to natural materials, we can not forget the use of plants in this type of decoration. The plants are a fundamental element to contribute to the terrace or balcony a touch of freshness and calm.

Neutral colors yes, but also an infinity of tones of the natural wood

By now we know that if something characterizes the Nordic decoration is the use of neutral colors, white, black or gray. But, as we mentioned, we can add a natural touch and warmth with the different natural shades of wood.

Also, if you have some wooden furniture that you want to reuse but the wood has lost its brightness or you just don’t like its color anymore. You can use a decorative wood protector to give it life and be able to incorporate it into the new decoration.

Another important aspect in this style are the decorative elements, these can not be missing, such as textiles, carpets, pots, vases … In addition to bringing color to the room, they will make it unique and bring comfort and warmth. If there is something to keep in mind when we decorate a room in which we know we are going to spend a long time, it is above all that we are going to be comfortable and that we manage to relax in it.

Although the colors that are worn in this style are sober not to be exaggerated, if you like bright colors, you can incorporate decorative elements with brighter colors. You will brighten up the atmosphere by incorporating cushions, rugs, or flowerpots of a color or pattern that you like.

Lighting, the final touch for the Nordic style

Finally, we cannot forget about the illumination. We can give the Nordic style a bohemian touch with lighting elements such as lanterns, garlands of lights hanging on the wall, or glass candle holders of different sizes to create contrasts in the decoration. There’s nothing better than your summer days to end up enjoying cool nights, relaxed on your terrace with a warm, dim light.

Let’s recapitulate what the main elements are for this decorative style:

  • Natural elements such as wood for floors, furniture, or decorative elements.
  • The use of plants, essential for your terraces.
  • Neutral colors for the furniture but with some bright color to break the linearity.
  • Textile elements such as carpets or cushions, important to give warmth to your terrace.
  • Lighting with garlands or lanterns that provide a dim and relaxed light to your spaces.

Now we can get down to work with the Nordic style. Enjoy your new terrace!