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Ideas for decorating your living room with Nordic style

Ideas for decorating your living room with Nordic style
Let yourself be seduced by the neutral tones, the warm textiles, the wood, and the minimalist air typical of Scandinavian decoration

Short days, long nights, and very cold. With the harsh winter we have in Scandinavia, always lurking in low temperatures, it is not surprising that we spend many hours indoors. That’s why in Northern Europe we are specialists in making our homes welcoming, warm, and very comfortable places where we can take shelter and feel at ease

Very refined lines, simplicity, functionality are typical of the Nordic or Scandinavian style, typical of Norway and Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. This type of decoration is characterized by designing clean and very bright spaces with which to counteract the lack of natural light.

The Nordic style is based on creating a warm atmosphere, where everyone feels good and can enjoy every little joy of life. To create this pleasant atmosphere, warm materials and tones must be mixed, such as wood, driftwood, synthetic leather, knitwear, linen, and macramé.

The vegetation, the organic design pieces, the wood or the textiles that play to create contrasts with the neutral tones that usually star in this type of salons are some of the characteristics of the interior design with the Scandinavian stamp.

As the days shorten and the nights lengthen, our bodies yearn for the comforts of winter. And what better place than to enjoy it at home. You can create a cozy interior space with synthetic leather and wool, adding wooden furniture and carved decorative pieces for a relaxed atmosphere. Combine a comfortable sofa with cushions and XXL knitted cushions in your living room. Adding a wooden shelf, a side table, or a coffee table to the room creates an authentic charm

Serene tones

To maximize natural light, let white predominate in your living room on walls, and even floors, why not. But think also of grey and earth tones. Afterward, splash the room with notes of color, always in harmony, and that they notice of life in the room. Shades like red, blue, or green on cushions, carpets, or small decorative objects will help you achieve this.

Handicraft details

Due to its traditional character and its connection with nature, there is no Nordic salon without handcrafted items. This is confirmed by Marie Lutz: “Give your interior design a handcrafted look with a huge ceramic vase. Put dry branches on it and you will contribute to creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere”. Non-factory pieces bring warmth. Dare to make them yourself: coffee tables made from pallets, a stool made from a trunk, a chandelier made from stones… If you are skillful, give it a try and let your creativity flow.

Functional furniture

Choose the furniture well and do not overload the room. Comforters are tremendously practical and take advantage of every space in the house for a specific function, so your furniture is designed accordingly. In fact, mid-century Scandinavian furniture is surely the most coveted and recognized furniture in the world.

Natural materials

Wood cannot be missing from a Nordic salon. Walnut, birch, or oak are good choices, as their colors are ideal for the floor of the house, but also for tables, chairs, beds, or closets. Let this natural element manifest itself in large pieces or through small details such as wooden legs in armchairs and sofas. In light tones, it brings warmth and serves as a counterpoint to break the predominance of white. This maxim also applies to textiles. Choose fabrics that come from natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wool. On the other hand, the drawings of flowers, leaves, and animals will help you to get nature to play a leading role in your living room.

Common mistakes when decorating your living room

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